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  • Michael Baird

    Michael Baird

    Writer of words, oxford comma user, and wealthy philanthropist. Mike has a collection of short fiction, “Bottom of the Bag” available on Amazon.

  • Jordan Carr

    Jordan Carr

    Jordan Carr, Content Marketing Manager @mixpanel.

  • Taylor Beck

    Taylor Beck

  • Noel Radomski

    Noel Radomski

    Below are articles, reports, and other docs of potential interest to readers interested in postsecondary education, K-16, economic development, etc..

  • SoFi


    The future of personal finance starts with great products for great people. That’s where we come in. Questions? Tweet us @SoFiSupport. NMLS #1121636

  • Kathleen McKitty Harris

    Kathleen McKitty Harris

    Writer. Wife. Mommy. Smart ass.

  • Logan Bayroff

    Logan Bayroff

    DC-based progressive. Communications staffer, reader of books. Volunteer with the Paid Family Leave Campaign.

  • James Tierney

    James Tierney

    Economics Educator. Improviser. Community Builder. Always looking for the next new thing, for better or for worse.

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